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Types of VA Contracts

Types of VA Contracts

There are over 16 million Veterans in the United States. The Veterans Benefits and Services Administration has a $302 billion-dollar annual budget and has the 7th largest spending of federal agencies. Approximately half of this budget is for compensation for retirement benefits and therefore none of that spending is eligible for federal contracts. But I will try to breakdown VA spending so that you can see the various contracts that are available with the VA.

Major Spending Areas of the VA

The other categories of VA spending are:

$88.0B Medical Care
$11.0B Educational and Vocational Training
$8.7B General and Operational
$1.7B Construction
$.8B Loan Guarantee
Types of VA Contracts

1. Types of VA Contracts: VA Supply Schedules (FSS Contracts)

A large type of VA Contracts is the VA Schedule Sales. There are several categories for these supplies.

Schedule Category Sales Amount
66 III - Clinical Analyzers, Laboratory, Cost per Test $ 292,003,467
65 II C - Dental Equipment and Supplies $ 77,641,122
65 VII - Invitro Diagnostics, Reagents, Test Kits and Test $ 705,749,363
65 II A - Medical Equipment and Supplies $ 1,452,117,687
621 II - Medical Laboratory Testing and Analysis Services $ 168,938,455
65 II F - Patient Mobility Devices $ 238,530,568
65 I B - Pharmaceuticals and Drugs $ 14,380,826,790
621 I - Professional and Allied Healthcare Staffing $ 620,582,636
65 V A - X-Ray Equipment and Supplies $ 1,420,883
Total VA Sales $ 17,937,810,972
Types of VA Contracts

2. Types of VA Contacts: GSA Schedule System

The VA purchased $2.7 billion dollars in goods and services from the GSA Schedule System last year. The largest type of VA Contract that was awarded was in Information Technology. However, the VA utilizes the Schedule System for many different products and services available on the GSA System.

SDVOSB & VA Preference on GSA

Because the VA favors Service-Disabled Veterans and Veterans in their procurement process the VA spends a lot of money with these two groups. There are 1,700 SDVOSBs with a GSA Schedule Contract and 2,500 Veteran Owned Businesses and these firms typically take the lions share of this $2.7 billion in VA Contracts.

Types of VA Contracts

3. Types of VA Contracts: BPAs

The VA Utilizes a lot of BPA contracts and you can find their forecasting page that includes their expected BPA Contracts at the following web address: https://www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov/eVP/fco/EntireVA.aspx?Type=Complete VA BPAs range from Dialysis Contracts, Power Wheelchairs, Surgical Equipment and Robots, Hospital Beds, Lab Testing, Software, Emergency Repair Services, Facilities Maintenance, Hotel Stays, and Janitorial Services.

4. Types of VA Contracts: IDIQ Contracts

The VA has many IDIQ Contracts that they forecast for each year. Linen Services, Prosthetics, Facilities Maintenance, Security System Upgrades, Nutrition Programs, Imaging Equipment, Lab Supplies, Interior Design, Remodeling, Surgery Services, Chaplain Funding, Emergency Consultants, Technician Staffing, Sterilizers and many other items and services.

5. Types of VA Contracts: Open Market

The VA has many Open Market procurements that they do each year.

Medical Companion, Leases, Flooring Replacement, Prosthetics, Implants, Snow Removal, Janitorial Services, Bed & Mattress Rentals, Custom Surgical Procedures, Elevators, Housekeeping, Facilities Maintenance, Grounds Maintenace, Heating and Cooling, Wellness Services, Imaging Equipment, Janitorial Services, Lab Equipment, Kitchen Equipment, Generators, Fitness Equipment, Furniture, Software, and services.

6. Types of VA Contracts: Sole Source

The VA tries its best to source as much of its goods and services as possible from SDVOSB firms. Veteran Owned firms for VA purposes are treated as if they have a special SBA designation, only the VA treats these firms in this manner. 8(a), HUBZone and WOSB firms are also eligible for Sole Source Contracts with the VA and also do well with as the VA does a good job meeting its congressionally mandated targets for working with these firms.

Flooring Installation, Fire Suppression, Emergency Equipment, Environmental Control, Pumps, Prothesis, Nurse Staffing, Construction, Technologist Staffing, Security, Fiber Optic Cabling, Medical Equipment, Furniture, Food Products, Software, Training, Janitorial, Ground Maintenance, and other services.