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SAM Registration: Easy Steps to Register for SAM and Renewal

What is SAM Registration

The term SAM stands for System of Award Management. In simple words, it is an official website of the U.S. Government that serves as a portal. The online platform consolidates the capabilities of numerous information and system sources used by the federal government for financial assistance and acquisition.

As most of us know that a company is a type of entity. Business owners or founders of the companies register their entity to do business with the U.S Federal government. For this reason, they go through the registration process in SAM. The registration fee for SAM.GOV is completely free. There is also no maintenance fee for SAM registration. There are some requirements that businesses need to fulfill to register for SAM.

As a result, entities or companies that want to do business with the federal government get benefitted from SAM registration.

If you want to acquire federal clients for your business then you need to register with SAM. You will need to meet certain specific SAM registration requirements. Also, make sure that you are aware to renew SAM registration from time to time. Remember SAM registration costs zero, so grab the opportunity.

Benefits of SAM registration

Business entities in the U.S. are looking forward to receive federal funds from the U.S. government contracting opportunities by becoming officially certified vendors to the government.

With the directories, SAM registration incorporates government contractor information into a single system. Contractors and vendors get listed in these directories of the online platform to search for contracting opportunities from one location. The contractors put information only one time and that reduces the risk of duplicating.

Let’s find out the values that businesses get from SAM registration.

Access to Federal Business Opportunities

Vendors and contractors are able to have business relationships with the federal government with SAM being the main database. The federal agencies search for different kinds of supplies in this online portal. Successful vendors and contractors are prioritized more as they have vast experience and covered all the eligibility criteria. SAM is also beneficial to the small businesses because they get federal opportunities as well by getting listed out there. It is possible because the platform has become an online federal marketplace. For that reason, it drives federal agencies to a variety of options listed on the site. This creates multiple federal opportunities that roam around federal businesses.

SAM Enables Businesses to Be Self-Certified

Business owners or founders of companies certify themselves to show that their entities carry valid and accurate business information. Along with the process of ‘self-certifying’, they also need to complete the solicitation clauses that are related to the organization’s socioeconomic characteristics and size. Apart from these certification processes, obtaining certificates benefits businesses in multiple ways to make a place in the federal market. Therefore, take a step forward to register with SAM and get certified.

SAM Serves As a Marketing Platform

The capabilities of a business lie in its location, track record, size, and ownership. All of this information is searchable on the website of SAM. Small Business Association indicated that it helps small businesses to showcase their essential information to get federal clients to them. In a way, it helps businesses to market their entities and product line to the federal government. The government, contractors, and federal agencies get to learn about other listed businesses. For this beneficial factor business owners register for SAM.

Navigate the federal contracting maze and define a targeted government marketing plan. By screening the site one can determine the right individual to contact, essential statements to deliver, and important information or files to send them.

These three major beneficial factors create high possibilities to fetch federal contracts so wait no more and fulfill the SAM registration requirements and register for SAM.

Reasons to Register For SAM

Major Reasons to Register For SAM

The federal government of the U.S. needs products and services from about every industry to get resources. From purchasing massive things to small items almost everything is needed at some point. In order to do business with the federal government, businesses must have an active SAM registration. Some reasons are explained below:

  • The SAM registration form is completely free.
  • SAM can increase the market share of small businesses in the competitive market.
  • Possibilities to do business with the no.1 consumer, the U.S. Government.
  • Federal agencies use the SAM database to identify potential companies to do business at the federal, state, and local government level.
  • Both civilian and military agencies use SAM for procurement needs.
  • Government contracts can be awarded without any sort of competition to small businesses.
  • Prime contractors utilize SAM to identify subcontractors and suppliers to meet procurement requirements.

Things You Need To Know To Apply For A SAM Number

Companies need to register with SAM and obtain a SAM number to bid on government contracts. They can register either as a prime contractor or a subcontractor. The SAM number is also known as a Commercial & Government Entity code. The registered companies are assigned the CAGE code. The code is an ID number that consists of five-character assigned by the Department of Defense’s Defense Logistic Agency, in short DLA. The SAM number is used for providing a standardized method of identifying a given facility at a specific location. It is also used for facility clearance and pre-award surveys.

Foreign businesses need to obtain an NCAGE code before they register with SAM. Before beginning the process, it is important to gather some information. First and foremost companies need to apply for receiving a DUNS number. The term DUNS stands for Data Universal Numbering System. It takes a couple of business days to get the DUNS number after filling out the application. The complete legal name should be the same as the DUNS and SAM.

Locate the Employer Identification Number. Bank’s routing number and bank account number are also needed for getting paid through the SAM system.

Every entity must have an Entity Administrator. Companies need to send a notarized letter listing the Entity Administrator to the government. After finishing all of these task company are headed toward the SAM registration process. The SAM registration process is pretty lengthy and complex. Some companies hire an accountant to handle the process because it is better to let a SAM expert work on the SAM registration.

How long does it take for the SAM registration process?

It takes about 45 minutes to fill out the SAM registration information. It can take about seven weeks for getting approval for SAM registration. Getting the EIN or TIN number can take about five weeks by itself. Once a company receives the identifier, the approval of the SAM registration should take no longer than just 14 days.

SAM registration fee

There is no fee to register and maintain SAM registration. If you get a message or an email or a phone call from any company, asking you to contact them or asking for money then be cautious. There is no fee to register as a government contractor.

SAM Registration Process

How to do SAM Registration

SAM registration is free of charge but the following tips can help you streamline the SAM registration process.

  • Don’t fall for any other page other than https://www.sam.gov, just because those pages imitate the look and feel of the official page.
  • Before SAM registration, arrange for the FREE DUNS number from Dun and Bradstreet. Visit http://fedgov.dnb.com/webform for DUNS number. Remember, without a DUNS number you cannot register for SAM.
  • During the registration, you will need banking information, taxpayer identification number, sales per year average for the past 3 years, total number of staff (full & part time) for the past 12 months, and point of contact information including phone numbers, addresses, and emails. If your business has a lot of turn-over, you might consider having a second or even third person who can make changes.
  • Keep your NAICS codes handy. NAICS codes are given as per the category of your business. In case, you are operating more than one line of business under the same name, you might have multiple NAICS codes. You can visit the US Census Bureau NAICS website to identify them.
  • Also have your Product Service or Federal Supply Class Codes ready while registering. Including these in your SAM profile can help a potential prospect to have a better idea about the company.
  • Remember to get the Notarized letter by formally appointing an “Entity Administrator” before you go for registration. This is important to make your status active in the SAM database.

Hire a SAM Registration Expert

Steps to renew SAM registration

Registering is not a one-time affair. Each year SAM registration renewal is needed. There are three key points that a company needs to remember for the SAM registration renewal process.


  • Review and update the record in a single computer session.
  • Validate that all the data is correct on a series of pages.
  • Check the ‘Review Reps & Certs’ page to certify that the information is correct.


The steps for SAM registration renewal are given below in bulletins.


  • Visit the website, www.sam.gov.
  • Enter your correct login credentials.
  • Click on ‘Update Entity/Register.’
  • Click on ‘Complete registration.’
  • Click on the organization that you want to renew or update within the panel ‘Entity list.’
  • Within the ‘Registration Details’ click on ‘Update Entity.’
  • Fill in ‘Purpose of Registration.’
  • Go to ‘Core Data,’ to check and make any required updates.
  • Review the ‘Assertions’ section, check and make updates if needed.
  • Assess the ‘Representations & Certifications’ section.
  • Look at the ’Points of Contact.’ Delete the information within the POC fields because that is irrelevant.
  • For small businesses, go to the ‘SBA Supplemental’ page and apply for certification as a small business. Assess and make updates to your DSBS information.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Submit’ option.
  • Wait for confirmation. You will be notified with an email when new or updated registration is live.


The SAM registration needs renewal every 12 months.

Renew Your SAM with US

Fedvital assist in SAM registration

Simplify SAM Registration with Fedvital

It has been precisely observed that the SAM enrolment is the first initial step to do business with the federal government. You can surely try your hand to make out the process of SAM registration but with Fedvital, you just need to put your details and the rest is on us.

  • Fedvital takes care of every little detail in the process of SAM registration without a tinniest hassle on behalf of companies. They help in the following ways: They help in verifying and validating the legal business name, address, and DUNs number.
  • They help to streamline the process of registration that includes assigning core data, NAICS codes, FAR provisions & point of contact.
  • Fedvital observes the IRS and CAGE code validation. They also communicate with DLA until processed.
  • They help in maintaining a complaint active SAM.gov registration.

So wait no more and get proper guidance as well as professional assistance from Fedvital to get registered on SAM.

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