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Fedvital Core     $1975

Get Into Federal Contracting with Fedvital Core

Call us now or Schedule a Call so that one of our highly skilled federal marketing experts can have a no-obligation call with you to discuss this service as well as put together the information needed to build your marketing plan.

Fedvital Core is the Superior Choice for a Low-Cost Entry into the Federal Marketplace.

  1. Hired Gun//Rainmaker - Hire a B-to-G business development professional. The market rate for someone with these skills is generally around $250-400K. Very hard to find these people and even harder to keep them.
  2. Expensive Consultants and Trainers - For firms without the resources to hire these expensive “Hired Guns” there was the “do it yourself plans.” The business would hire expensive consultants and trainers to teach you how to enter the federal marketplace. The low point for these services is generally $10-20K.

Exploring these two options:

Option 1 is suitable for less than 5% of Firms

If you have a large budget and have access to a Federal Hired Gun/Rainmaker, we recommend hiring this person. Often these people are ex-federal employees that have worked in the agency you are targeting or have worked with that agency for a long period of time. Often time these people can walk you right in the door and land millions in contracts for your firm. This is the high-end approach and Fedvital can beat this approach from an ROI standpoint but likely not from an overall dollar sales standpoint.

Option 2 is suitable for 95%+ of Firms

This generally requires hiring consultants and trainers to teach you how to navigate the federal space, what to do and how to communicate with federal buyers. By following this approach over a six month to year period you will build the knowledge base, then you will be ready to build your own list, target agencies and begin the process of navigating the federal sales process.

How Fedvital Core Solves the Problems Others Can’t

We looked at both approaches in the marketplace and found a gap for small to medium sized businesses that would like to do business with the federal government. We took Option 2 and instead of teaching you how to navigate the federal marketplace, we have one of our highly trained staff do this for you. They would review your services, what agencies you should target, build a list of who the likely buyers and where your likely future contracts are, and then provide you with a script and instructions on how to engage federal buyers.

Fedvital’s Track Record of Success

We have a strong track record with helping businesses succeed. With over 15 years helping clients achieve success in the federal marketplace and our clients have billions per year in federal sales. Give us a call and we can walk you through how our program works and why it is a must have for any business trying to enter the federal marketplace.

What is Vital in Fedvital!

Fedvital: Federal Business Development Service $1,975
Strategy Call 1-1.5-hour strategy call to create a plan for how your firm will enter the federal marketplace using our best practices. Generally, we will pick three agencies to target during this call.
Capabilities Statement/Brochure We develop a one-page capabilities statement/federal brochure to give federal buyers a quick snapshot as to how your firm can help them complete their mission.
Agency Drill Down We will find the key players and contracts within your target agencies that will be part of our cultivation plan.
Current Bid Search We will review current procurements to see if anything fits your firm’s current needs.
Large Prime Contractor Connections We will Identify 10-12 large prime contractors and register your business with them to begin the process of building future relationships with these organizations.
Contracting Vehicle Positioning We will review GWACs and IDIQ contract with your firm to see which of these contracts should be part of your longer-term strategy.