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Let’s Go Into More Specific Detail About These Three Steps


STEP 1: 0-6 Months

Your Starting Point is a 15–20 minute call with us where we:


  • Assess your eligibility for all SBA Certifications.
  • This provides your firm with preference, which is important for taking full advantage of all marketing efforts.


  • Determine if there is a place for your firm on a GSA/MAS Schedule Contract.
  • GSA contracts provide a contracting vehicle which gives you a governmentwide FAR compliant way of selling to the federal government.


  • Important: There is also a synergistic effect where sales are boosted for firms with both an SBA Certification and GSA Schedule Contract.

Average Federal Small Business Sales By Preference Type

Small Business Category Total Sales Number of Small Businesses Average Sales
Small Business Total 162,900,000,000 58,700 2,775,000
Woman Owned 29,100,000,000 11,600 2,500,000
Small Disadvantaged Business / 8(a) 69,900,000,000 6,100 11,500,000
SDVOSB 28,100,000,000 18,300 1,536,000
HUBZone 16,300,000,000 5,400 3,020,000
GSA (Sales only from GSA Schedule) 18,400,000,000 11,400 1,610,000



Focus Is How We Get You To These Sales Figures


STEP 2: 6-18 Months

  • Once we have obtained preference and or a contracting vehicle it is time to market your firm.


  • Identify your top 1-3 agencies with the goal of focusing on a single agency.


  • We build lists of the key decision makers that have purchased your good or service within these target agencies in the past 2 years.


  • We monitor or teach you how to monitor bid opportunities through various government sources and portholes.


  • We attempt to subcontract with prime players already working with your target agencies.
  • Important: Obtaining your first contract within an agency is challenging, but once you meet people within the agency, it becomes like selling to any of your private sector clients.

STEP 3: 18+ Months

Now that we have obtained sales and past performance it is time to leverage our new abilities.


  • Your past performance will give you the ability to credibly apply for positions on more advanced contracting vehicles.
  • We have a great deal of experience of applying for and winning these contracts for our clients.
  • We will keep you abreast of important GWACs and IDIQ contracts that fit into your federal growth strategy.


  • Important: Obtaining a position on a well suited GWAC or IDIQ contract often results in millions of sales per year for the firm.

Once Established We Find Appropriate GWAC & IDIQ Contracts to Boost Sales

Small Business GWAC Examples Average Small Business Sales
8(a) Stars $3 million
Alliant SB $26 million
CIO-SP3/4 $5.8 million
FSSI Building Maintenance $1.5 million
HCaTS $15-35 million
NASA SEWP $20-50 million
Oasis SB $1.2 million
Polaris $3.5 million
VETS2 $10 million

The Fedvital Strategy Is Based on Years of Specialized Industry Knowledge


Fedvital is part of Argentum Consulting which operates under several brands in the federal consulting space, helping firms obtain SBA Certifications as well as GSA Schedule Contracts. The feedback we kept getting from our clients was “now what?” I have gained preference or a contracting vehicle but now what is the strategy for becoming a federal contractor with sales.

At first, we partnered with other consulting firms and trainers and provided referrals for our clients. The problem we kept running into was that most small to medium sized business owners do not have the time to educate themselves on how to attack the federal marketplace. So, our clients, after being handed off to government marketing trainers and paying large fees would see their aspirations of breaking into the federal marketplace stall out.

From our experience firms have the following issues when attempting to sell to the federal government.







Our organization has developed our strategy through the thousands of firms we have helped become successful at federal contracting. Our team of highly skilled consultants have helped firms in almost all industries and geographic locations. We draw upon this institutional knowledge to create dependable, consistent results for our clients.

Fedvital’s Three Stage Strategy provides the correct direction and a path forward for small and medium sized firms to enter federal contracting.

How to Move Forward

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Tim Mercer
Ibox Global

"You guys made what could have been a stressful process very much stress free. I value you as a long-term partner."

Bill Lemon
Four Star Rentals

"We went on the GSA and we immediately started getting business, all I can tell you is that if you want to get more business it will really make a difference."

Robert Noyes
Sol Solutions

“After several months of working with my local SBA office I was still confused… The experience I had with them was a great one… the overall assistance was incredible.”

Pushban Rajaiyan
Selsoft, Inc.

“They have been a great business partner for our company. They spearheaded like a strong IT project manager.”

Phil Acosta

“Everyplace we hit a hiccup or where we did not understand something someone on their team helped us out.”

Bas Madala
Frontier IT Solutions

“Excellent Support! I love working with the team!”

Sanjay Rupani

“Experts in this domain, they took the mystery out of the seemingly complicated process and allowed me to focus on my core business instead of focusing on the hundreds of steps to get certified.”


“If your business meets all of the prerequisites which they walk you through – they will deliver. They delivered for us 6 out of 6 times within one year without a single hiccup!”

Jerrod Moton

“We have leveraged our 8(a) Certification to bring in more than 8 million dollars in contacts, thanks again!”

Antoine Roseman
Ractsoi Corporation

“The personnel there was outstanding working with us hand in hand… We recommend their services.”

Bre Jones
Martinez Services

“You area Rock star team!”

Nilam Goswami

“Love working with them!”

Angel Acosta
White Rook Technology

“Great folks their tons of help and support!”

Sandra Fried

“The person I worked with was always very patient with me. They always made me feel comfortable when I called. And they knew what to do at all times. A professional company.”

Julie LoCascio

“…a great resource for overall advice and strategic assessment. Great partners.”

Gurpreet Singh
Infotrend Incorporated

“You were a pleasure to work with and I hope other people reap the benefits of the competence and the benefits you provide, thank you so much.”


“5 starts are not enough for ez8a! Extremely professional, amazingly propt and an unmatched level of expertise in acquiring any and all certifications, GWACs and business strategy in general.”

Andy Anderson
Air West Mechanical Construction

“Great service and follow up. I would use them again.”

Rachel T. Harbaugh
Knight Eagle Contracting Group

“They are very helpful, and I would recommend anyone to use their services.”

Alice Shepherd
Pelton Shepherd Industries

“They made the process much more manageable, and the outcome has greatly benefited our company!”

Amod Desai

“I recommend anyone who is looking at their services to expect professional services from them.”

We Will Setup your SAM.gov Registration as Part of our Engagement with any SBA/VA Certification/Verification or as part of a GSA Schedule

Or, You Can Complete it On Your Own! Here is How:

Here is a simple way to help you navigate, identify opportunities that fit with your marketing strategy, and win the contract.

SAM.gov's contract opportunities will help you catch up or move ahead

Here is a simple way to help you navigate, identify opportunities that fit with your marketing strategy, and win the contract.