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Here is a simple way to help you navigate, identify opportunities that fit with your marketing strategy, and win the contract.

SAM.gov's contract opportunities will help you catch up or move ahead

Here is a simple way to help you navigate, identify opportunities that fit with your marketing strategy, and win the contract.

Why Fedvital is Vital!

Fedvital is part of Argentum Consulting which operates under several brands in the federal consulting space, helping firms obtain SBA/VA Certifications as well as GSA Schedule Contracts. The feedback we kept getting from our clients was “now what?” I have gained preference or a contracting vehicle but now what is the strategy for becoming a federal contractor with sales.

At first, we partnered with other consulting firms and trainers and provided referrals for our clients. The problem we kept running into was that most small to medium sized business owners do not have the time to educate themselves on how to attack the federal marketplace. So, our clients after being handed off to other clients and paying large fees would see their aspirations of breaking into the federal marketplace stall out.

From our experience firms have the following issues when attempting to sell to the federal government.

  1. Delegate government selling to their existing marketing/sales force who have “no idea where to begin the process” and therefore never start.
  2. Never understanding what contracting vehicles and certifications an agency favors so they are missing the right tools.
  3. Focus on the contracts they feel like they can perform rather than working on building relationships with specific agencies, spreading themselves to thin.
  4. Trying to hire outside firms to make calls and send emails for them in a shotgun approach. Unfortunately, when these firms do get federal buyers on the phone, they lack the product knowledge to successfully sell your goods.

Our organization has learned through the thousands of firms we have helped in the federal contracting space. If one of our consultants is unable to formulate a complete approach to optimize your firm’s performance a member of our team will likely have seen your firms set of circumstances in the past. We draw upon this institutional knowledge to create a dependable, consistent results for our clients. Fedvital’s consultative approach and building a solution by asking the important questions about your industry, gives custom tailored solutions, so they can rapidly move forward.

Target Agencies

At Fedvital, we can help with marketing to the DoD, DHS, GSA, HHS, SBA, USAID the IRS, and almost any other federal agency.

About Federal Contracting

Federal contractors are groups or companies that enter into a contractual agreement with any branch or organization of the USA Government to conduct a selected job or service, deliver products, or merchandise.

Non-Discriminatory Practices

Make sur you know before you enter the federal marketplace that there are to major areas that make the government a little bit different than the private sector. A key rule to understand before you get into federal contracting is that under Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act, federal contractors, and subcontractors—people who do enterprise with the federal authorities—are prohibited from discriminating in employment towards people with disabilities. Section 503 additionally calls for those employers to take initiative-taking steps to recruit, hire, retain, and increase certified humans with disabilities. Section 503 is enforced via way of means of the branch's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), and ODEP works intently with OFCCP to assist federal contractors meet their necessities and incapacity inclusion desires below this regulation.

FAR Compliance

The second area to know is that Federal contractors must follow Federal Acquisitions Regulations. In the private sector it is normal to give a client a small gift or take them out a ball game. In the federal space you must be careful not to engage in activity that can even have the appearance of impropriety. Therefore, we recommend to clients to make sure they understand the compliance policies and know that audits, to evaluate for compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) to exertions and employment rules could come into play. Additionally, the federal government has an emphasis on Business Systems and cyber-security that you may not find in the normal course of doing business. Therefore, when in doubt we always recommend you look up the rule or ask the contracting officer.

8a Certification

Argentum Consulting started with our brand ez8a.com. We are the leading firm in this market segment, and we are recognized by the SBA as subject matter experts. Our 8a consultants can give strong guidance from the preliminary information and firm qualifications to how the SBA will interpret a certain set of circumstance. We can also assist with developing your firms joint venture agreement.