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GWAC & IDIQ Contracts

Large GWAC and IDIQ Contracts can be the kingmakers for those firms that obtain positions on these large spend contracts. Often these contracts open every 2-5 years so missing these contracts can have a large opportunity cost associated with it.

Major Factors that Contribute to winning a place on these important contracts is SBA Certification and/or VA designations, proven pricing from a GSA/MAS Contract as well as the firm's past performance on federal contracts and commercial work.

We specialize in completing these contracts and for many we are either the largest or one of the largest preparer of applications.

Prices range from $3,500-7,500 depending upon the complexity of the contracting vehicle.

If you are interested in applying for an Open or soon to be Open GWAC or IDIQ Contract, Please Call Immediately – Spaces Are Limited On Large Contracts

If You Would Like For Us To Contact You When A Compatible GWAC Or IDIQ Contract Becomes Open – Lets Book A Call So, We Can Better Match You!

Sales Figures of the Largest GWACS

Small Business GWAC Examples Average Small Business Sales
8(a) Stars $3 million
Alliant SB $26 million
CIO-SP3/4 $5.8 million
FSSI Building Maintenance $1.5 million
HCaTS $15-35 million
NASA SEWP $20-50 million
Oasis SB $1.2 million
Polaris $3.5 million
VETS2 $10 million

Why Federal Agencies Like Using GWACs and Large IDIQ Contracts

Streamlined Procurement Process: GWACs/IDIQs streamline the procurement process for government agencies by providing pre-competed, easy-to-use contracts. This saves time and resources in the acquisition process.

Cost Savings: GWACs/IDIQs often leverage the collective buying power of multiple agencies, allowing for bulk purchasing and potentially lowering overall costs for goods and services.

Wide Range of Services: GWACs/IDIQs cover a broad array of IT, professional and other services. This enables agencies to find suitable solutions for various requirements from a single contract vehicle.

Access to Qualified Contractors: GWACs/IDIQs feature a pool of pre-vetted, qualified contractors, ensuring that agencies have access to experienced and capable vendors.

Small Business Opportunities: Many GWACs/IDIQs have set-asides or subcontracting goals for small business and small businesses with special designations such as 8(a), ED/WOSB, SDVOSB, and HUBZone certified firms promoting small business participation and growth.

Flexibility: GWACs/IDIQs offer flexibility in contract types, allowing agencies to choose from fixed-price, cost-reimbursement, time-and-materials, or labor-hour contracts based on the specific project requirements.

Rapid Deployment: Because the contracts are pre-competed, agencies can quickly deploy solutions and services without going through lengthy procurement processes.

Compliance: GWACs/IDIQs are designed to comply with federal procurement regulations, ensuring that agencies can confidently use these contracts while meeting legal requirements.

Innovation and Technological Advancements: GWACs/IDIQs often focus on cutting-edge technologies and services, allowing agencies to access innovative solutions that can drive modernization efforts.

Ongoing Support: GWACs/IDIQs often come with support services, providing assistance throughout the acquisition process and ensuring smooth contract management.

Reduced Administrative Burden: GWACs/IDIQs simplify administrative tasks related to procurement, such as reporting and compliance, reducing the burden on agency staff.

Quality Assurance: GWACs/IDIQs often have performance metrics and quality assurance standards, ensuring that contractors deliver high-quality services and products.

Risk Mitigation: By using pre-vetted contractors and standardized contracts, agencies can mitigate risks associated with vendor selection and contract negotiations.

Long-Term Partnerships: GWACs/IDIQs can facilitate the development of long-term partnerships between agencies and contractors, fostering collaboration and continuity in projects.

It's important to note that while GWACs/IDIQs offer numerous advantages, agencies still need to carefully assess their specific needs and choose the most appropriate contract vehicle to ensure successful project outcomes.

If you have any strategy or other questions, feel free to call us or book a call!