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GSA MAS Schedule Full-Service: $7,400*

*Includes 1st Large Category w/ up to 3 SINs within that category

For many businesses a GSA Schedule serves as the cornerstone for their government business development strategy. This is because it provides a contracting vehicle needed for federal buyers to take FAR compliant purchasing actions. Additionally a GSA Schedule Contract provides credibility for the firm through its supplier pre-vetting process. Based upon these two advantages the average small business with a GSA Schedule has over $1 million dollars per year in annual GSA Schedule sales.

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Qualifications for a GSA MAS Schedule Contract

Financial Capacity

GSA Core Benefits

  1. Market Research – Federal buyers in most cases are required to review at least three sources before making a purchasing decision. Gsaadvantage.gov is the web ecommerce site in which all GSA Schedule holders are permitted to list their products. This is the favorite site for this federal buyer market research.
  2. GSA ebuy Access – GSA ebuy is an online solicitation bulletin board whereby federal buyers can place items out for bid and request purchases from certain federal vendors. A firm must have a GSA Schedule in order to participate in the ebuy system. Ebuy is great avenue for making an initial sales to an agency. Obtaining your first sale with a federal agency is generally regarded as the hardest sale to make.
  3. Mayes the Firm a More Favorable Subcontractor for Large Business – When a prime contractor uses a GSA Schedule Contract Holder as a subcontractor, the items purchased from the subs GSA schedule are not required to be audited. This save prime contractors compliance effort in an audit. Preset pricing is also a selling point for the price as they know they are not being gouged and the GSA Contract holder is also pre-vetted.
  4. Firm’s Market Value Enhancement – Often our most successful clients work with a single federal agency. In this way they can establish strong ties to this agency. In the federal space often times large businesses make acquisitions in order to make inroads into a particular agency. A GSA Schedule allows a small business entrance into these agencies creating value building opportunities and in some cases making the firm an acquisition target.
  5. Next stop other GWACS – Having a GSA Schedule provides the building block for obtaining positions on other GWAC and IDIQ contract. The Firms pricing has already been established reducing time while increasing the government experience via their GSA Schedule. The GSA MAS pricing can be used when applying for positions on other contracts. The awarders of the GWACs know the firm has gone through the GSA’s process and is a reliable supplier.
  6. Allows for bringing new products/services to market more quickly – When adding a new product/service to an existing GSA MAS Contract the Schedule holder can submit a modification and add the new product. This can provide a convenient path that other federal vendors to not have lowering the entrance time of the new product.
  7. Allows for “Add-ons” to an order – In most cases only 50% or more of the items used must be source from the GSA Schedule to be FAR compliant. This provides a GSA Schedule Holder additional flexibility in their contracting opportunities that non-GSA Schedule holders don’t possess.
  8. SBA/VA Certification Synergies – SBA and VA Certification holders often find an increase in combined benefit by adding a GSA Schedule. The likely reason of this benefit is that GSA Schedules are an easy place to find firms with the certification the federal buyer is looking to source from. They can see the offering on GSA MAS Schedule saving them time during the solicitation process.

Why Fedvital

Experience: We have over 19 years of experience in helping businesses with obtaining, and maintaining their GSA Schedule Contracts.

Capabilities: We process around 150-200 GSA Schedule Contracts per year and have the process in place to move your GSA Application forward.

Client Success: We have a strong track record of helping our firms obtain the GSA Schedule. We also provide marketing support once a firm obtains a GSA Schedule. For these reasons we have multiple clients appearing each year on the Washington Technology “Fast 50” List (list of fastest growing technology contractors in the federal space). Our clients have billions of dollars per year in the federal sale.