Validate Your Identity in Federal Business with SAM Registration
May 23, 2022

Validate Your Identity in Federal Business with SAM Registration

If your current, accurate entity call and cope with do now no longer in shape what's displayed in, or there's no in shape at all, select “Create Incident” at the page. Attach files that show your entity’s records, and completely describe your trouble in the textual content box. will routinely create an entity validation price tag for you. This is the handiest manner to create an FSD price tag for entity matching issues.

We evaluate those entity validation assist tickets in the order obtained. If the customer support agent has questions or desires extra records or documentation from you, they may replace the price tag and you may acquire an e-mail notification to take action.


Why does want documentation for SAM registration?

Every new registration calls for that the criminal enterprise call and bodily cope with are demonstrated for distinctiveness and accuracy.  All new registrants that cannot discover a in shape need to put up documentation thru

Registered entities need to validate their criminal enterprise call and bodily cope with on every occasion they replace their registration. Because we lately modified our validation procedure, your seek effects won't in shape your present registration records. Entities that cannot discover a in shape need to put up documentation to to affirm their criminal enterprise call on SAM registration, bodily cope with, date of incorporation, and both country of incorporation (U.S. entities) or country wide identifier (non-U.S. entities).

Registered entities which have modified their criminal enterprise call or bodily cope with need to come to to replace their records.  If no in shape to the brand new call or cope with is found, entities need to put up documentation to show the accuracy in their records.


What documentation have to I connect?

When you create the incident, you need to connect one or extra files that show your entity's criminal enterprise call, bodily cope with, date of incorporation, and country of incorporation or country wide identifier. Use as many attachments as had to affirm your records.

Provide files from the subsequent listing. Screenshots from or aren't acceptable, nor are DUNS profiles or notarized entity administrator letters.


To validate your criminal enterprise call:

  • Certificate/Articles of Organization or Incorporation
  • Operating Agreements
  • Doing Business As Documentation
  • Company Bylaws
  • Stock Ownership
  • Share Certificates


To validate your bodily cope with:

  • Utility Bills
  • Bank Statement*
  • Employer Identification Number Documentation
  • Tax Returns/Filings*


To validate your date or country of incorporation:

  • Certificate/Articles of Organization or Incorporation
  • Certificate/Articles of Formation


To validate your country wide identifier (non-U.S. entities handiest):

  • Employer Identification Number Documentation
  • Tax Identification Documents*
  • Tax Returns/Filings*

*Tax returns or filings and financial institution statements have to be redacted or limited; they handiest want to expose applicable statistics to show the records you're validating is true.

Recommended record sorts are: PDF, PNG, JPG/JPEG, BMP.


What occurs next?

After filing your incident on SAM registration, you'll be redirected on your Entities Workspace. Find the entity on your Workspace.  Select the “FSD Incident” link, then the “View” button to view your problem. If you acquire a request for added documentation, you need to upload it thru the Workspace, now no longer

You will even acquire an e-mail together along with your FSD incident number. You can register to the use of your username and password to view the incident and its status. If you want to talk with the customer support agent approximately your incident, reply in the price tag. Do now no longer connect documents or encompass touchy records in the price tag. This is the handiest manner to talk with the customer support agent dealing with your incident; do now no longer name or chat.


Tips for Validation Tickets on SAM registration

Always connect documentation. We cannot procedure your price tag without the desired documentation. Make certain to put up documentation that helps all factors of your entity validation. You can use a unmarried piece of documentation to help more than one areas (e.g., articles of incorporation can validate each your criminal enterprise call and date and country of incorporation).

Only create one incident according to entity. Creating more than one incident does now no longer accelerate our dealing with of your problem and in fact slows down the general procedure. If you obtained a price tag number, which looks as if INC-GSAFSD1234567, do now no longer creates some other incident approximately validating the identical entity.

Only create entity validation tickets thru Do now no longer create entity validation tickets at, and do now no longer use the “Create Incident” button in for any problem aside from entity validation. If you want assist with some other a part of, visit to look for solutions or create a price tag.

Do now no longer connect entity validation files to an price tag. Remember, the entity validation procedure occurs in, together with getting assist. Do now no longer, under any circumstances, connect validation documentation to an price tag. If a provider table agent desires extra documentation, the agent will let you know a way to connect the documentation in This enables shield your touchy records.

SAM registration is needed for any entity to bid on and receives a commission for federal contracts or to acquire federal funds. These encompass for-income businesses, nonprofits, authorities contractors, authorities subcontractors, country governments, and nearby municipalities. The SAM registration is legitimate for 365 days from the date the registration is entire and need to be renewed earlier than 60 days of expiration to keep away from capacity penalties.