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Is A Government Cleaning Contract A Good Business?
Dec 09, 2022

Is A Government Cleaning Contract A Good Business?

Contracts with the federal government might be a terrific way to supplement your cleaning business's income. However, government cleaning contracts are difficult to come by. Although the federal government does keep a portion of its contractor monies for small firms, numerous small businesses compete for that money. Not only that, but there are additional procedures you must complete when trading on government contracts, and if you skip any of them, you may lose the offer.

The excellent thing is that state and municipal governments may also hire cleaning services, which often involve less paperwork and is just as lucrative. No matter whatever level of government you choose to work at—federal, state, or local—critical it's to understand how government contracts differ from those in the private sector and what you must do to earn those contracts.

How to Properly Submit an Application for Government Cleaning Contracts.

The two procedures that are often used to get government bid proposals are receiving an invitation to make an offer and an open bidding process. Depending on whatever government agency is involved, they normally pick what procedure to use to put businesses on the list of those eligible to submit bids.

Some organizations ask that bidders just respond to their calls for bids, while other organizations only ask that bidders comply with their requirements for qualified vendors, which may involve producing photocopies of your insurance certificates or company licenses.

Proposal Requests

The call for proposals makes explicit what is expected of the contractor in terms of all tasks, insurance, pay, pre-bid conferences, interviews, etc. There is also a deadline by which the RFP answer must have been delivered. The proposal for the government cleaning contract will also provide a thorough description of the way the contracts will be awarded, as well as instructions for how to provide a quotation and an answer.

Look through the RFP

A document that requests a proposal is known as a request for proposal (RFP). Reading the RFP thoroughly will give you a deeper knowledge of what is expected of you and how to submit input. It helps to have a tiny book to jot down the topics you think are most important.

You can be asked to submit papers like the resumes of your top company officials and the necessary business permits. It could also specify a standard you should adhere to when delivering your response.

This can enable you to identify your areas of weakness and assist you to choose the steps you should take to make up for those gaps. You may need to investigate whether your staff requires a security clearance to operate in these government cleaning contract facilities, or you may need to divide up the job among your company management, depending on the situation.

Discover Your D-U-N-S Number

A D-U-N-S number, also known as a Dun & Bradstreet number, is a nine-digit number that is used to identify the location of your company. One will need to be obtained for each business outlet if you operate more than one. Any business wishing to submit an offer or bid for a government cleaning contract must have this number.

Janitorial services are also covered under this. Obtaining a D-U-N-S number is free and quite simple. It is necessary to fill out the paperwork with your Business Name and the Size of Your Business specified to obtain the number.

SAM Registration has finished

The System of Award Management, or SAM, is a tool the government uses to gather data on businesses that submit bids for contracts. A SAM registration is necessary for any business that wants to compete for government cleaning contract with the federal government.

You must use the NAICS number for janitorial services, which is 561720, as it is asked on the form. The North American Industry Classification System is also known as NAICS. Obtaining a SAM registration simplifies the process for businesses and government organizations to find your operation when a cleaning service is required.

Go looking for chances

You don't necessarily need to wait for a chance to submit a bid because there are other ways to obtain contracts. enrolling in the GSA Program, a federal initiative designed to aid service providers, such as cleaning services, in becoming certified vendors of the government cleaning contract.

Give Detailed Bid Information

When the chance to submit a bid for a janitorial contract arises, it is crucial to provide comprehensive information. The governing body often issues a Demand for Proposal document, which offers you the opportunity to describe why you believe you are more qualified for the work than your rivals and how you would approach providing all the services requested of you.

It is crucial that you provide a thorough description of your level of company ownership experience as well as the level of cleaning service expertise that your personnel has amassed. Before the time mentioned, you should submit your offer. Also, make sure to check up with the agency afterward to see how things turned out.